John Lydon Bounced From TV Show For World Cup Fever

John Lydon apparently lived up to his Sex Pistols' pseudonym of Johnny Rotten last weekend, as the punk legend's typically outrageous behavior caused a scene on a live British TV show.

Lydon became upset during the taping of an ITV program, "World Cup Fantasy Football," then cursed at the audience and allegedly assaulted a female producer, the British Press Association reports.

The singer then threw a lit-cigarette into the studio audience and was subsequently bounced from the "Football" broadcast after he began berating the play of the U.K.'s World Cup soccer team.

As we previously reported (see "Lydon To Bring Anarchy To TV On New Show"), Lydon, who has developed as much a reputation for his snotty, aggravated temperament as for his vocals, is working on a pilot program for VH1 and two films based upon his life and experiences with the Sex Pistols.