Sex Pistols Manager To Bow Out Of Mayoral Race

Former Sex Pistols and Bow Wow Wow manager Malcolm McLaren will reportedly drop out of the election next week and will endorse England's ex-Health Secretary, Ken Livingston.

In an interview with the U.K. newspaper "The Independent," a spokesperson for McLaren said that the former Sex Pistols Svengali would also serve as an unofficial advisor to Livingston to make sure he maintains his independent stance.

Londoners go to the polls on May 4 to decide upon its first elected Mayor, and an "Evening Standard" poll out this week indicated that Livingston had a commanding lead over the Labour, Tory, and Liberal Democrat party candidates.

McLaren threw his hat into the political ring last December (see "Former Sex Pistols Manager To Run For Mayor Of London"), and raised eyebrows with some of his rather unique political proposals, including plans to legalize brothels and marijuana, and a new lottery to help house the homeless.