Lilith Line-Up Update, Christmas Bonus For Sarah Fans

December 10 [14:00 EDT] -- Florida fans looking to get a little Lilith fix this Christmas are in luck.

As we reported last month, a Lilith Fair winter preview will be staged in West Palm Beach, Florida on December 16 at the Coral Sky Amphitheater. There are a few new additions to the Sarah McLachlan (but of course), Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls, and Missy Elliot line-up: Luscious Jackson, Letters To Cleo, K's Choice, and singer Chantal Kreviazuk will be joining the show.

McLachlan fans can look forward to a holiday bonus from Murmurs, the official Sarah fan club. In addition to McLachlan paraphernalia like photos and calendars available to club members, there will be a two song CD featuring tracks recorded live at Lilith Fair last summer, "Angel" and "Ice Cream."

Other bands who gave something back to their fans this holiday season were Pearl Jam and R.E.M., who also released special CD's for their fan club members (see

R.E.M./Pearl Jam Single Offers Bill Berry's Last.)