Reeling In The Dough: Tariq And Gunz On Steely Dan

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz have one of the hottest singles in the country right now with "Deja Vu" [900k QuickTime], a tribute of sorts to their home borough of the Bronx -- even though the video was shot at Shea Stadium in Queens. But the track is receiving a lion share of it's attention because of a riff sampled from the classic Steely Dan song, "Black Cow."

In the past, Steely Dan's Walter Becker and Donald Fagen made rappers De La Soul pay dearly for the sampled use of Dan's "Peg" in their 1990 hit, "Eye Know," and Tariq and Gunz have had to pony up as well for the use of "Black Cow" -- to the tune of $105,000, some seven or eight times the typical industry rate.

But while the sample has created a major buzz around Tariq and Gunz, the two told MTV News that it's also soured their feelings towards Steely Dan, who, according to Tariq and Gunz, have shunned working with the duo.

"I wanted to do something on 'MTV Live'

with Steely Dan," Gunz said. "[They would] come out and do 'Black Cow' and then we bust into the "Deja Vu" thing. They won't even, you know? I knew they were recording in this studio, I go by the studio, you know? They're not here. So they won't even return our calls or nothing, so I threw all my Steely Dan CDs out." [600k QuickTime]

No comment yet from Steely Dan's Becker and Fagen.

Tariq and Gunz will release their debut album, "Make It Reign," on May 26.