Tariq And Gunz Discuss Solo Albums, Films

As Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz prepare to release "We Will Ball," the second single off of the Bronx rappers debut, "Make It Reign," the duo is already lining up solo releases for next year and future projects for when they lay their mics and mixing tables aside.

Tariq and Gunz made a name for themselves with their first single, "Deja Vu" [900k QuickTime], which sampled the classic Steely Dan track "Black Cow" (see "Reeling In The Dough..."), and which the duo claim to have paid out over $500,000, so far, for usage of the song.

But in a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, Tariq and Gunz, who met while still in high school (see "Tariq And Gunz On Their Old School Connection"), were less concerned with past issues and problems than their upcoming films, albums and a possible rock-meets-hip hop collaboration with Sugar Ray.

"We got a movie script that's partially finished," Tariq said, "and I just love to write, so I'm gonna be doing a lot of writing when this is all said and done. That's the last thing I'm going to be doing, I'll be an old man writing books" [900k QuickTime].

"The film is a street version," added Gunz, "showing me and Tariq coming up. And how we came up, it's almost like, I would have to say, 'Purple Rain,' because it got to show you the inside of his life, it showed you the performances and competitions, which is a lot like it happened with us" [800k QuickTime].

Tariq and Gunz both have separate solo record deals, and both plan to have records out next year. Tariq will release a new album, tentatively titled "Scriptures," on the duo's own independent imprint, Codeine Records, in mid-1999.

Gunz, on the other hand, is signed to Shaquille O'Neal's record company, and will adopt the new rap handle of "Othello" for his debut solo album, which is slated to ship in January of 1999.