Tariq & Gunz Speak Out Against Moving Yankee Stadium

Blue-collar baseball fans aren't the only ones following the current saga of the future home of New York's Yankee Stadium, and some of the most vocal support for the team to remain in the Bronx has come from rappers, including Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz.

The rap duo isn't afraid to speak up about its Bronx Bomber heritage, and even attempted to shoot the video for its hit song, "Deja Vu," in Yankee Stadium, but were forced to revert to the Mets' Shea Stadium in Queens because of filming restrictions.

But despite the video's relocation, both Tariq and Gunz remain opposed to having a new home for the Yankees constructed in either Manhattan or in New Jersey.

"I'm gonna do everything I can to stop it," Gunz told the MTV Radio Network. "Normally you look at TV and see where people are protesting stadiums getting moved and you think, 'Ah, big deal.' But when it's Yankee Stadium, then it's a big deal to me. We're gonna keep it alive in the Bronx. If they move it, that would

be like the equivalent of death for that area."

No word yet on the fate of Yankee Stadium, but New York's City Council has already started hearings on a plan that could determine the new home of the baseball team.