Mary Lou Lord Visits Sundance, Talks Film Music

While indie filmdom's up-and-comers were scrambling to see and be seen at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Mary Lou Lord was there rolling out a showcase of her folk-rock wares to promote her major label debut album, "Got No Shadow."

The album boasts appearances by Shawn Colvin, Roger McGuinn of Byrds fame, and the critically acclaimed Pacific northwest singer/songwriter Elliot Smith.

Smith can also be heard on the "Good Will Hunting" soundtrack, and while at Sundance, Lord told us that having songs fit a movie's scenes, the way she thinks Smith's do in "Good Will Hunting," is a songwriter's dream come true.

"That kind of relationship between the writer, the songwriters and the film makers... like Gus Van Sant is a musician and you know his relationship with Eliot," Lord said.

"Then bringing Danny Elfman into the picture was just a certain sort of magic that is necessary. It seems to me there are too many people, you know, the big shots trying to place

songs for all the wrong reasons, and this way here, maybe some directors can see us and we're real people and it's nice for us to know they're real people too."