Mary Lou Lord Chats Up Her Oscar Nominee Pal Elliott Smith

Smith also turns up on "Got No Shadow," the new album by his friend Mary Lou Lord. MTV News spoke with Lord at the Sundance Film Festival about how a soundtrack can provide a certain type of exposure that radio doesn't always offer.

Lord cites Smith as an example.

"I don't think radio would ever get what he's doing - the state of radio as it is right now. And it is so special and he would never compromise for radio [700k QuickTime], and you should never have to. For him to be able to do exactly what he does and have it done through a film like this is wonderful, and he's a new artist, and it would be great if maybe this could really help to change radio and the state that it's in right now and that whole, novelty one hit let's just bang 'em out and see what sticks kind of thing."

Smith and Lord, as it turns out, were on the same indie label, Kill Rock Stars.

Lord ends her opening slot on The Whiskey Town tour

at the Shadowbox in Seattle this Friday, before beginning her own tour in New York City on Tuesday. The tour ends April 24 in Providence, RI.