Jennifer Lopez Offers New Album Update

Jennifer Lopez returns to her day job this month with her new film, "The Cell," but the sometime-singer says she's still intently focused on her budding music career.

Lopez recently told MTV Radio that she's "halfway done" with her second album, and that she hopes to have the sophomore effort in stores by October. Lopez said she is once again teaming with producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked on her debut, "On The 6." The sultry singer also noted that she is acting as executive producer on the new album, and that "hopefully Puffy [Combs] will do a couple of tracks."

Lopez's foray into music has given the actress another viable career path. The singer's "On The 6" generated three strong hits ("If You Had My Love," "Waiting For Tonight," and "Feelin' So Good") and has yielded two MTV Video Music Award nominations.

"The music part of my career, to me, is just so much a part of who I am, so being recognized for that on

MTV, seeing my videos playing, being nominated for awards last year and this year, it's amazing to me," Lopez told MTV News. "I still can't believe it sometimes, but I'm real happy about it." [RealVideo]

Speaking with MTV Radio, Lopez added, "You didn't expect that success. You pour your heart and soul out into your music. It's really a reflection of who you are as a person, as opposed to playing characters in a movie, and you just hope for the best. You hope that somebody relates to it, somebody understands it, and that they like it and that they can dance to it, so I was really pleasantly surprised by the outcome." [RealAudio]

The outcome of Lopez's next adventure in the music biz should surface this fall.

In the meantime, "The Cell" hits theaters on August 18.