New Sublime Albums On The Way As Troy Nowell Joins Anti-Drug Fight

November 6 [7:55 EDT] -- Even though the group lost its lead singer to a heroin overdose in May of 1996, Sublime will continue to release new material.

The band has four albums on the way, with the first, "Secondhand Smoke," arriving November 25. The release is a collection of outtakes from recording sessions for Sublime's last album and features the song "Saw Red," which Sublime recorded with their friend Gwen Stefani of No Doubt for their 1994 album "Robbin' The Hood."

The three other Sublime albums which are due next year will include a live record, an acoustic record, and a hits collection with archival tracks going back to 1988.

"It's wonderful to see that the kids are still out there loving it, even though we're not out there to play the music anymore as a band," Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh told MTV News of the band's legacy. "As far as music goes, it's lasted for life. I mean that's Brad's."

"He'll be alive always because of his music," Nowell's

widow Troy Nowell added.

Recently, Troy joined Lauryn Hill of the Fugees, Art Alexakis of Everclear, and a number of other artists in a music industry-supported campaign against drugs. In a public service announcement, Troy, joined by her young son Jakob, tells viewers, "I was married to Brad Nowell, the singer of Sublime. Brad died of a heroin overdose. Jake's been robbed of having a wonderful person be his father. Educate yourself. Heroin kills, period. We miss him, and we'll miss him forever, and don't let anyone miss you." [1.7MB QuickTime]