Long Beach Dub Allstars Talk Playing Live Post-Sublime

Surviving Sublime members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh are out on the road again in their current seven-piece incarnation, The Long Beach Dub Allstars, and supporting their first post-Sublime album "Right Back."

While the old tunes the guys recorded with their late singer, Brad Nowell, are a big concert draw, drummer Gaugh told MTV News that their new material has been getting an unusually enthusiastic reception.

"We were just out on the East Coast touring," Gaugh began, "and we were out touring a couple of days before the album was released. And I noticed that there was a few kids in the audience singing along to words from our songs. They either got early MP3 downloads, or got a little sneak bootleg here and there. And you know, I think that was great, just to watch them, see how enthusiastic they are. [That] tells me that I'm doing the right thing." [RealVideo]

The Long

Beach Dub Allstars play Sacramento, California on Wednesday. Here's the rest of their October road schedule:

  • 10/13 - Sacramento, CA @ Crest Theatre
  • 10/15 - Chico, CA @ Field Of Dreams
  • 10/16 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Palookaville
  • 10/18 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
  • 10/19 - Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre
  • 10/20 - Missoula, MT @ University Of Montana
  • 10/21 - Spokane, WA @ Met
  • 10/22 - Boise, ID @ Joe's Sixth & Main
  • 10/23 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Horticulture Building
  • 10/25 - Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
  • 10/26 - Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
  • 10/28 - Phoenix, AZ @ Celebrity Theatre
  • 10/30 - Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theatre
  • 10/31 - West Hollywood, CA @ Hollywood Palladium