UPDATE: Looking Back As Lollapalooza '98 Canceled

Lollapalooza won't be pulling out its drum risers and chicken pita stands this summer according to one of the tour's co-organizers, Ted Gardner.

His partners, Perry Farrell and the William Morris Booking Agency say they have no comment.

Two weeks ago, Gardner said Lolla was having a hard time finding a suitable headliner. Farrell decided not to reunite Jane's Addiction for Lolla '98, and Garbage, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and the Foo Fighters all turned down offers to headline.

While the tour has had a tough time of it amid increasingly stiff competition, the news is still surprising given what Lollapalooza has meant to rock in the 90s. Before the world began smelling like teen spirit, Lollapalooza revolutionized the summer concert season, and before Lolla there hadn't been any "package tours" since Motown and Dick Clark ran them in the early and mid-60s.

Now, thanks to Perry Farrell and his vision, it's hard to conceive of summer without day-long

traveling festival package tours, each bringing music out of clubs and into broad daylight, each with its own carnival-style midway.

But some felt that Lolla began suffering an identity crisis when it made Metallica the 1996 headliner. Last year's tour, with Korn, Tool, Tricky, and Snoop Doggy Dogg, was perceived to be lacking a nominal headliner and earned less than Lilith Fair and Ozzfest, two of the many more specialized package tours Lolla inspired.

For now, Gardner says Lollapalooza will be back next year, while Farrell and William Morris again have no comment.