Lollapalooza Organizers Still Trying To Get Tour Running

Although Lollapalooza tour organizers have yet to secure a headlining act and the tour looks to be in danger of ending, some rays of hope remain.

Lollapalooza booker Peter Grosslight of the William Morris Agency says that he is still in talks with a number of as-yet-unnamed eclectic acts and expects to have some tour news to report within the week.

Those who have already declined to headline the outing during preliminary talks include Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, the Offspring, and Guns N' Roses.

The optimistic Grosslight says that he expects to re-launch the Perry Farrell co-founded package tour, which began in 1991, although others believe that if a headliner isn't named soon, the outing might be shelved for at least another year.

If by some stroke the outing does roll on, Grosslight says that it will run throughout the U.S. in July and August with about six to seven acts on the main stage and about five to six acts on the second stage. There is also a possibility that

a third stage will be added.