Jack Logan & Bob Kimbell's Primitive Cool

After parting ways with his label following two critically-acclaimed releases, Jack Logan has returned to the simpler pleasures with a stripped-down new album, "Little Private Angel," with an old friend and accomplice, Bob Kimbell.

"Angel," which arrives in stores on June 30, charts Logan and Kimbell's friendship back to its inception in the early '80s, when the two were struggling musicians of the Urbana, Illinois, music scene -- Logan with his first band, the Anglers, Kimbell with his long-time group, Weird Summer.

"I can't remember exactly when we met," Logan said, "but once we got together, we very much had a mutual appreciation thing going on, even though our approaches were different."

"I had this little four-track," Kimbell added, "and we got together and did some writing at that time, and we have just continued to do that over the course of the last 15 years."

Even though the two eventually headed in separate directions, Logan and Kimbell

managed to stay in contact while working in their own groups, and continued to meet every so often to collaborate on material. Kimbell even co-wrote a song, "Tex," on Logan's double-album debut, 1994's "Bulk."

"It seems like we always get together once a year somehow," Logan said, "and when we do, we always try to put something down on tape. Over the years we've got quite a little catalog of songs built up." [150k Audio]

After Logan split with Restless Records, Kimbell suggested that the two revisit some of their past songs, and the duo subsequently spent a week earlier this year cutting most of the basic tracks for "Angel" in Logan's kitchen in Winder, Georgia.

Aside from creating the cover for "Angels," Logan, who holds an art degree from Illinois State, also recently illustrated the "Not Dogs ... Too Simple (A Tale of Two Kitties)"

album, which features the Reverend Horton Heat, Drivin n' Cryin's Kevin Kinney, the B-52's Cindy Wilson and Moe Tucker narrating a children's tale for adults.

Kimbell and Logan will kick off a tour in support of "Little Private Angel" in July.

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