Lisa Loeb To Assist "The Nanny"

October 15 [10:00 EDT] -- Lisa Loeb, she of the horned rim glasses and pleading 1992 hit "Stay," will turn up on the CBS series "The Nanny" this Wednesday night, playing the assistant of the music industry's most notorious fictional publicist.

Loeb will play the underling as series star Fran Drescher reprises her role as uber-publicist Bobbie Fleckman, a character she first brought to life in the 1984 film "This Is Spinal Tap."

The two apparently met up at a Counting Crows show in Europe, where Drescher mentioned that she would be bringing back her Fleckman character on the show. Loeb, a big fan of the film, expressed an interest in portraying Fleckman's assistant, and Drescher gave her the role.

Loeb has been spreading her acting wings lately with a turn as a goth girl in an upcoming film called "Serial Killing For Dummies."

Currently, Loeb is stepping in front of the camera for more conventional music reasons: she is shooting the video for "I Do," the

first single from her upcoming album "Firecracker," which is due November 11.