Live Set Interrupted By Shoe

November 21 [16:00 EDT] -- Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk didn't see it coming; if he had, he surely he would have ducked.

Approximately thirty minutes into Live's set at St. Bonaventure college in Olean, New York, on Thursday, a lone flying shoe beaned singer Kowalczyk on the ear, lodging his ear monitor into his ear drum. Kowalczyk, stunned, dropped his guitar and left the stage to seek medical attention. The rest of the band, unaware of what had happened, played for a few more minutes before leaving the stage.

A short while later, a school representative announced that the show was canceled due to Kowalczyk's serious injury and the crowd quietly dispersed (though one mischief maker yanked the fire alarm on the way out).

According to the band's publicist, the announcement of "a serious injury" was premature and fortunately, Kowalczyk was not seriously hurt. All things being equal, the representative said, the band would have liked to have continued playing. Live will

finish off their current tour on Saturday at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire.