Live Gets Prolific During Sessions For New Album

Relying on the gifts of technology and an unrelenting work ethic, the men of Live have already recorded more than 20 songs for their next album, which is expected to arrive next year.

The band has once again teamed with ex-Talking Head turned producer Jerry Harrison this time out, and has taken to a number of different locales in recording the new material, which marks Live's most productive recording period.

While Live got together to record much of the new material, bandmembers also worked independently, bringing their musical ideas together over the Internet. The band will soon reconvene to enter the next stage of the album's production, and hopes to have it delivered to stores by the second quarter of next year. A spokesperson for the group said that the first single from the band's as-yet-untitled album should arrive in the spring of 1999.

So far, those who have heard the band's new material describe it as a further evolution of Live's sound as the band continues to

explore and experiment, but note that the new material still maintains the essence of the band.

Fans who caught the band's set at this year's annual Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, have already gotten a taste of Live's new music. The band hasn't yet settled on a tour strategy to promote the album, but Live's management anticipates an "ambitious" tour next year.