Live Clears Up Eco-Confusion Surrounding New Single

After making some high-profile appearances at this past summer's Tibetan Freedom Concert and the Woodstock '99 Music Festival, Live is getting ready to release its fourth studio LP, "The Distance to Here," on October 4.

The first single from the new album is "The Dolphin's Cry," a track which the band performed at Woodstock and which has already rocketed to the Top 10 of the Rock, Active Rock, and Alternative Rock radio charts.

MTV News sat down with Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk recently and talked about "The Dolphin's Cry," a song whose message might be getting obscured by its seemingly eco-conscious title.

"It's interesting," Kowalczyk said, "'cause people ask me about 'The Dolphin's Cry,' and because I chose that particular phrase in the song to be the title, [they wonder] if it's an ecological thing, or if it's something like, 'Save the dolphins,' or something, but it's really not."

"That part of the song," he explained, "is really just something pulled more randomly out of [a] mystical beach, tantric sex, landscape-dreamscape-type thing. The part of the song that sort of represents it the most is the part that comes after the chorus, which is 'Life is like a shooting star... and if you only run for cover, it's just a waste of time.'"

"It just felt right as the first single," Kowalczyk said, "to encompass where Live was as a band and where it is now. It's also the first track on the album, and it just seems to be a record about going beyond our own limitations and our own fears as a band." [RealVideo]

You can see how well Live has dealt with its fears when the band heads out in support of "The Distance to Here" on a tour scheduled to kick off September 30 in Columbia, South Carolina (see "Live Lines Up Tour Dates, Offers

Download Of First Single").