Live Battles Deluge, Performs Own Stunts For "Dolphin" Video

The York, Pennsylvania band Live is gearing up to release its fourth album, "The Distance To Here," on October 5, and the group is already making a splash of sorts with its striking new video for "The Dolphin's Cry," the first single from the record.

Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk recently dropped by MTV's Times Square studios and talked with MTV News about the concept behind the video, a clip which finds the band getting knocked around but standing firm in the face of an urban tsunami.

"The making of 'The Dolphin's Cry' video was for me, and I think I speak on behalf of the band, the most fun [we] ever had making a video," Kowalczyk said. "It was directed by a really amazing guy named Martin Weisz, and he came to us with this idea of where the band [would] triumph in the face of some huge wave, and that he [would] make it so it would be very believable."


in order to make it believable," he added, "we would literally have to be pummeled by a huge amount of water at some point, and we were! I think the figure was maybe 2,000 gallons [that were] hoisted above us in this huge tank, and then it kind of comes down in a chute and sprays out [with an] amazing force. I was quite surprised by it."

"The funny thing about it was that these guys that were in charge of that part of the video," Kowalczyk said, "they had laid out stunt pads behind us, but had grossly miscalculated the power of the water. So we were thrown back over the mats and careened down the alley with nothing but our shirts to break our fall for about twenty yards."


we had the bruises and the scratches to prove that Live does its own stunts, man," he concluded, "and we're in this to win this, boy!" [RealVideo]

Live will launch its tour in support of "The Distance To Here" tonight at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina. For more from the MTV News interview with Live's Ed Kowalczyk, be sure to check out the upcoming MTV Online feature, "Going The Distance."