Limp Bizkit's Durst Charged With Assault In On-Stage Incident

On Thursday, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was officially charged with simple assault by authorities in St. Paul, Minnesota in connection with an on-stage skirmish at one of the band's shows this week.

As we first reported on Tuesday, Durst was arrested after the band's Monday night show in St. Paul when police claimed Durst kicked a security guard in the head (see "Limp Bizkit's Durst Arrested After On Stage Skirmish").

Durst now stands charged with fifth degree assault (simple assault) and disorderly conduct. Both carry a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and/or a $700 fine plus two years probation. Authorities defined simple assault as that which intentionally inflicts or intends to inflict bodily harm on another or with the intent to cause fear. Both charges are misdemeanors. No court date has been set yet in Durst's case.

The charges come one day after Durst spoke about the incident with MTV News when the band's tour

with Kid Rock stopped in Milwaukee.

"I saw a kid get thrown over the barricade into the barricade area where the security guards are, and security guards started beating this kid up," Durst recalled. "So my security guard told them to let go of the kid, and they got pissed off and started fighting my security guard. Two of them held him, and one of them started to try to fight him, and then my security guard went down. I saw them fall down and I told them... I screamed out on the mic for them to stop, and they weren't stopping. And so the guy that was on top, I kicked him in the head and told him to stop, and he kept going, and I kicked him in the head again, and then he stopped, and then I stopped the whole concert and made a scene out of it so they would stop, and that was it.

"And so I finished the whole show,"
he continued, "and when I got off stage

the police... he wanted to press charges against me for aggravated assault which he had no right to do. I mean, I shouldn't have kicked him, but he shouldn't have done that, and I saw a friend down, and I reacted, and I can't be like that. But anyway, I went to jail. The police officers were super killer in St. Paul. They were so nice, I just hung out and hanged out with them in my cell all night." [RealVideo]

After his arrest, Durst was released on $50,000 bail on Monday and made his band's next show in Chicago on Tuesday.