Limp Bizkit Talks Woodstock '99 As Family Values Kicks Off

America, lock up your valuables: Family Values '99, featuring headliner Limp Bizkit along with Filter, Staind, Ja Rule, Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, and the Crystal Method, is now on the road after kicking off Tuesday night in Pittsburgh.

The prospect of Limp Bizkit performing in large venues on a multi-artist bill might give some folks flashbacks, coming only two months after the band's apocalyptic performance on day two of Woodstock '99.

The band, not a shy bunch of folks normally, has refrained from commenting about that performance and the subsequent blame assigned to the group, other than to refer to its new video, "Re-Arranged," as its "press release" on the issue (see "Limp Bizkit To Address Woodstock Aftermath In New Video").

MTV News' John Norris caught up with Durst and co. at Detroit's Family Values stop on Wednesday, and he asked the band to open up some more about the heavy-duty criticism it has endured following

its plywood-surfing Woodstock set.

"It was really hardcore for a couple of weeks," Fred Durst began.

"I just didn't understand how in the first place they could just go, 'It's all your fault!'" Wes Borland added. "We go, 'We weren't there when [the riots] happened.' 'It's still your fault!' 'But it happened 24 hours later.' 'But it's your fault!' 'I have an alibi, I promise.'" [RealVideo]

Family Values '99 lost DMX from its bill and added Ja Rule and Mobb Deep to its ranks (see "DMX Out; Run-DMC, Ja Rule, Mobb Deep In As Family Values Tour Launches"). The tour picks up Method Man, Redman, System Of A Down, and Primus on subsequent dates.

For more on Limp Bizkit, Filter, and the rest of the Family Values tour, be sure to tune into this week's special Return Of The Rock

edition of MTV News 1515, hosted on-site at the Family Values tour.