Fred Durst Sounds Off On System Of A Down-Family Values Split

When the news came last week that System Of A Down had been booted from the Family Values tour, finger pointing was sure to follow.

As we first reported on Wednesday, the progressive metal outfit was to meet up with Family Values on October 16 and play the remainder of the tour. However, the band was dropped from the tour, prompting System's management, Velvet Hammer, to blame Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, whose band is currently headlining the tour.

The management company claims that Durst was trying to sign another Velvet Hammer band, Michigan's Tap Root, to Interscope Records. Velvet Hammer charges that when Tap Root decided to shop around for a better offer, Durst took out his displeasure with the band and Velvet Hammer on System Of A Down by dumping the group from the high-profile tour (see "Did Durst Dump System Of A Down From Family Values Tour?").

At the time of the move, Limp Bizkit's management, The

Firm (which also presides over Family Values) declined comment, however Durst himself recently spoke with the MTV Radio Network about the matter.

"System Of A Down is no longer on the tour," Durst explained. "We love System Of A Down, but we can't stand their manager, so he's the piece of sh** that got them off the tour." [RealAudio]

If there's a bit of bitterness floating around about the whole matter, both parties seem to be moving on with their lives. Family Values will fill the slot vacated by System by extending Staind's run on the tour, while System Of A Down will now hook up with Filter for a U.S. tour that kicks off on November 6 (see "Staind Out, System Of A Down In For Filter Tour").

System will then head off to Europe for a tour that begins in mid-December and is currently weighing its options for 2000. One engagement

is definitely locked in on System's calendar: the band plans to spend the early part of next year writing material for a new album.

-- Robert Mancini