Las Vegas Station Drops Limp Bizkit From Playlist

A rock radio station in Las Vegas has pulled Limp Bizkit from its playlist and urged listeners to return copies of the band's new album, "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water," after the group canceled a show in that city.

The station, KXTE-FM, claims the band was to have played a November 20 show at Las Vegas' Thomas and Mack Center, but backed out.

In addition to the call for a recall, the station also began airing a parody of the theme song to "The Beverly Hillbillies" last week, with lyrics accusing frontman Fred Durst of canceling the show because he thought he could make more money elsewhere.

KXTE stopped playing the song Friday morning and yanked an MP3 from its Web site at the request of Limp Bizkit's management, The Firm, according to Dave Wellington, KXTE's programming director. Wellington said executives at the station are in discussions with The Firm about a possible resolution, but said he did not believe the station will

ever play the group again.

"Fans are too pissed off for us to play an artist that doesn't support Vegas," Wellington said.

Wellington said the cancellation marked the third time Limp Bizkit have nixed a scheduled show in the city.

Representatives at The Firm had not returned calls by press time.