Limp Bizkit Cancel Another Anger Management Date

The Canadian government couldn't keep Eminem out of the country, but Fred Durst's sore throat has managed to do the trick.

The Anger Management Tour's Wednesday (November 15) date in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been canceled, according to Limp Bizkit manager Peter Katsis.

"Regrettably, we've been forced to cancel because of Fred's reoccurring throat problem, but we expect the tour to start up again on Friday in San Francisco," he said.

This is third cancellation. Albany, New York, the fourth stop on the tour, was canceled last month, as was a concert in Indianapolis 10 days later.

The tour's Canadian dates had been an issue thanks to a protest lodged against Eminem prior to the tour's Toronto date last month. A woman filed a criminal complaint alleging that the rapper's songs violated Canadian hate speech laws, and Ontario's attorney general had called for officials to deny Eminem entry into the country, but the rapper was exonerated, and the

show went on (see "Eminem's Lyrics Spark Criminal Complaint").

Complicating the situation was Eminem's pending trial on assault charges, which means he requires permission from a judge to travel. However, he did receive permission for the Anger Management Tour (see "Eminem Enters Canada Despite Hate-Crime Allegations").

Eminem's crew had only driven as far as Tacoma, Washington — south of Seattle — before being notified of the cancellation. "The border was never an issue," Eminem manager Paul Rosenberg said. "We never made it any farther than Tacoma."

Rosenberg said that although there had been talk of Eminem's side project D-12 still travelling to Vancouver for an after-show nightclub performance — one of many scheduled along the tour — they decided against it because of problems transporting the crew.

The current leg of the tour, which also

includes Papa Roach and Xzibit, is scheduled to wrap up November 21 at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. Limp Bizkit will then head back out with DMX and Godsmack, beginning November 24 at the Forum in Los Angeles (see "Limp Bizkit Add Anger Management Tour Dates").

According to a statement from SFX, the promoters of Wednesday's show, the Vancouver date cannot be rescheduled. The fans' loss, however, is at least one organization's gain. SFX said the food purchased for the bands and crew has been donated to a local charity.