The Spirit Of Lilith Fair

JOHN NORRIS: We're here at the Lilith Fair tour, which some people say is proving a point. What does it mean to you as young women to see a show that is all women, all female acts?

FEMALE FAN 1: I think it's good. A lot of bands are focused on guys like Live and Verve Pipe, and it's cool to have a concert dedicated to women! I think it's awesome.

SARAH MCLACHLAN: She [Lilith] was Adam's first wife, before Eve. He was like, "Get below me woman," and she said, "I'm sorry. If you're not going to treat me as an equal, I'm out of here."

NORRIS: And so it's in the spirit of the world's first feminist that Sarah McLachlan presents her unprecedented all-female road show.

PAULA COLE: I think the point is good music that happens to be [written and performed by] women. Of course... there are undertones of feminism. (Laughs)

FIONA APPLE: I think it does have a feminist agenda, but feminism doesn't mean, we're gonna get up there and say that women are better

rockers than men, and it's our turn now. Feminism is the equality of the sexes. ["Criminal" Live Performance, 1.2 MB QuickTime]

MCLACHLAN: In a sense, we are being exclusionary because we haven't asked men to be headliners on this bill. It's all women. But I felt that the first year of this, we needed to prove a point, not to the public, but to the music industry.

COLE: I remember when I couldn't get a record deal because they already had too many female singer/songwriters, or I couldn't get on that radio station, because there were too many female singer/songwriters, and on and on.

MCLACHLAN: We're just trying to even the scales a little bit and make things more balanced.

MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER: I'm dealing with a lot of musical heroes here in my world, among them, Paula Cole.

FEMALE FAN 2: Together, they [Carpenter and Cole] just sounded so great. That song, it was amazing the way it came

out, it was just beautiful.

NORRIS: How about the difference in the audience? I understand they've been predominantly women in the audience. Would you like to see more guys?

MCLACHLAN: There have been a lot of men, too. There's been a lot of men -- I mean, there have been more women than men.

TRACY BONHAM: There's not as many "Show us your t*ts" coming from the audience. There's not as much aggression.

MALE FAN: If I was at a Marilyn Manson show right now, I would probably be in a pit, and I would probably be hurting pretty good.

FEMALE FAN 3: It's definitely a lot calmer.

FEMALE FAN 4: I'm a grandma. I'm 66 years old, and I never want to grow up. I just like to be hip with the kids. I love it.

MCLACHLAN: I just thought it would be so much fun to put all these women on the same bill together. That was it, that was the idea.

NORRIS: The Lilith Fair is heading east, so if you live on the East Coast, they may be coming to

your town soon. Also, the tour has a rotating line-up, artists come and go every other week. In coming weeks you can look forward to seeing the likes of Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega, Tracy Chapman, The Cardigans, Shawn Colvin, Joan Osbourne, Lisa Loeb, Meredith Brooks, and the Indigo Girls. Plenty to see, so check it out when it comes to your town.