The Lilith Fair-Warped Swap, Pt. I

Hi, I'm Kurt Loder, and this is "The Week In Rock."

Few pop-culture signposts more vividly suggest the gap between male and female sensibility than the traditional rock concert -- an event rooted in male aggression and love of rowdiness, where women can be conveniently viewed as useful accessories.

This summer, however, a group of female performers led by singer Sarah McLachlan have attempted to create a more girl-friendly concert environment with the "Lilith Tour," a package show in which -- although the backing musicians remain largely male -- the stars are all women. The contrast between the "Lilith" experience and, say, the current edition of the "WARPed" tour, a testosterone-fueled skate-punk extravaganza, is striking. To illustrate it, we approached two male fans at a WARPed tour date, Dwayne Lutchna and Matt Attenberg, and asked them to check out a Lilith show for us. And we asked two young women we encountered at a Lilith date, Samantha Buck and Danielle Schneider,

to venture into WARPed world. The results speak volumes.

(Samantha and Danielle at the WARPed tour. Their favorite artists: Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman.)

SAMANTHA BUCK, 21: Okay, I want a squirt gun, that way we can shoot anyone that tries to touch me.

DANIELLE SCHNEIDER, 21: Scary people, scary people in front of me.

SAMANTHA: They're not that scary... (Spotting girl with spiked hair) Oh, my god, how long do you think it takes her to keep it up like that? (Spotting guys in camaflogue clothing) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. We're going to war.

DANIELLE: They smell fear, Samantha, don't let them smell it.

SAMANTHA: (After guys pass by) I'm afraid he was gonna like, make me his bitch or something.

SAMANTHA: Maybe we should get a tattoo, I've never gotten a tattoo.

DANIELLE (to tatooed guy): How long have you had those tattoos of yours?

GUY: About five years.



does it hurt? I know everyone asks that, but I would really like to know.

GUY: Yeah, on the back it hurts.

SAMANTHA: This really is the testosterone capital. I think all the testosterone in Manhattan and elsewhere all came to this field today. You know, like when we say, "Where are all the manly men?" I don't want a manly man!

(Dwayne and Matt at the Lilith Fair. Their favorite artists: 311, H20, Rage Against The Machine.)

DWAYNE LUTCHA, 17: You go to the WARPed tour, there's a million people that look like us. You go to this kind of place, everyone's got sandals, and happy faces.

MATT ATTENBERG, 17: And they're sitting on hay.

DWAYNE: You know, I've never seen so many girls at a concert before. The ratio is like, geez, it's like ten to one.

MATT, (playing hackey-sack with a group of women, including Sarah McLachlan. McLachlan kicks the hackey-sack to him): Ohhh, look

at the air on that one. Where are you guys from? Are you guys like roadies?

WOMAN: Should we hit him now, or hit him later?


DWAYNE: Sarah? Okay, I'm Dwayne... [2.4 MB QuickTime]

DWAYNE (later, to MATT): I don't blame you at all because look, I didn't even know that was her until he was just like, hey, that was Tracey Chapman. I was like, oh snap! Wait, was that her name? No, not Tracey Chapman. What the hell was her name? Sarah McLachalan! Dude, we really don't know this music.

SAMANTHA (listening to WARPed band): Did he just say rape?

DANIELLE: That's what I thought he said. (Listens to lyrics) Do you want to play that game, bitch?

SAMANTHA: I really want to date you!

DANIELLE: I know the words to this song already. Raaarrr, rarr, rarr! (Both start growling out the "tune" which the current band plays.)

DWAYNE: Bro, I'm bugging out here, man. I need some loud music. Bro, the music

isn't even loud, they're so girlie they can't even have loud music here!

MATT: I don't feel the bass.

SAMANTHA: Woah... my whole body's vibrating. (To a WARPed fan) I don't like them.

MATT (to DWAYNE): I definitely don't think there's going to be any moshing today.

DANIELLE: Look, we're in the mosh pit! We're in the pit! (Band starts to play. The girls jump up and down and scream in amusement and fear as other fans bash into them.)

MATT: Square-dancing all day long, man.


DANIELLE (getting knocked around pit): Oh, my sweater!

MATT: And people are just like, I don't know...

DWAYNE: Square dancing, a lot of holding hands and swaying, and such.

SAMANTHA (in pit): I don't approve. Moshing is highly over rated.

DANIELLE: I'm over-moshed.

SAMANTHA: We need a drink, I'm dehydrated. (They push their way out.)