McLachlan, Osborne Rescue Planned Parenthood In Texas

August 7 [7:55 EDT] -- The Lilith Fair tour had a minor dust-up at a venue near Houston on Sunday, when management at one venue objected to representatives of the group Planned Parenthood setting up a booth at the concert.

The group, which advocates sex education, contraception, and abortion, is one of the many organizations that sets up information booths at stops along the Lilith tour, but were blocked from doing so at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion.

Lilith stars Sarah McLachlan and Joan Osborne threatened to boycott the venue in the future if Planned Parenthood was prevented from distributing its literature, and the path was cleared for the booth to rejoin the tour.

A venue representative says that, as a non-profit organization, the Pavilion doesn't allow the distribution of materials advocating a political agenda.

According to Osborne, the venue was being hypocritical.

"They wanted to make money off of Lilith," Osborne told MTV News, "but they wanted

to exclude the parts that were inconvenient."

Osborne has concluded her Lilith stint, and will soon be heading back into the studio to record a new album.

She says she's talking to Michelle N'degeocello about joining in on a track, and has already started working with "A Tribe Called Quest" on a cover of the old Van Morrison hit, "Tupelo Honey." The album won't be out till next year.

In the meantime, Osborne will be touring Europe, and opening up five dates for Blues Traveler starting August 27 in Los Angeles.