Sarah McLachlan Denies Lilith Has Become One-Woman Show

With the Lilith Fair well into its second summer, the press has touted co-founder Sarah McLachlan as something of a festival revolutionary -- and the impact of Lilith has certainly bolstered sales of her "Surfacing" album.

In Lilith's year two, however, the focus remains focused on McLachlan, who steadfastly denies reports that the festival has turned into a one-woman show, which some critics have dubbed Sarah-palooza.

"No, it's not at all," McLachlan told MTV News, "it's all of [the artists on the line-ups'] tour. I could not draw this many people on my own. None of us could again, but all of us together can. I think its a team effort [750k QuickTime] on all the artists part."

"I may close the show every night," she added, "but I have the same amount of time as Bonnie [Raitt], I have the same amount of time as Natalie [Merchant]. The other artists on the main stage get a little less, but there's only a certain amount

of hours in the day and there are 11 artists -- and we need to give everyone a decent chink of time. So no, it's not my tour."

Lilith plays Canada this weekend before returning to the states on August 17 for a performance near Buffalo, New York.