Li'l Kim Comes Under Fire From Political Activist

May 19 [7:55 EST] -- Morality in music crusader C. Delores Tucker has resurfaced, and this time she has set her sights on risqué rapper Li'l Kim.

Tucker's 1995 protests pushed Time Warner to sell its holding in the highly profitable Interscope Records, and the political activist has once again gone after the music industry giant.

On Thursday, at Time Warner's annual stockholders meeting in New York City, Tucker attacked Time Warner's distribution of Li'l Kim's records saying, "Shame on our family for producing this filth."

Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin responded, "The ticket of admission does not give you the right to demean me, or my family."

Li'l Kim has come under fire for the graphic sexual imagery used in her lyrics, which Tucker labelled "gangsta porno rap."

Still, Levin must answer to stockholders, who reportedly applauded Tucker's remarks.