Lil' Kim Comes Clean?

Raunchy rap goddess Lil' Kim, whose triple-X-rated debut, "Hard Core," overheated many a CD player three years ago, says she's cleaned up her act for her next release, which is due out this summer.

Kim and her Junior M.A.F.l.A. colleague Lil' Cease turned up at last week's B.I.G. Night Out in New York (see "Puffy, Faith, Busta, Mase Turn Out To Honor Biggie"), and MTV News' John Norris was there to chat about the new outlook.

"I can't do the same thing twice, you know," said Kim. "It would be corny, it wouldn't be real, and I'm a real person. Anyone will tell you that; I'm very real. So I kinda just matured, you know. That's with any... music, it can't be good unless you mature with it. So I feel like I've matured, definitely. But I'm still Lil' Kim..." [28.8 RealVideo]

The new album, which is as yet untitled, should be out in July. We'll

keep you posted.