Tommy Lee Bares All, Gets Shocked By Lil' Kim On "Naked"

Bad boy Tommy Lee, no stranger to public nudity, has already made another flesh-filled video featuring himself and Pamela Anderson Lee... and no, it's not the "sequel" to the infamous bootleg featuring the on-again off-again couple.

As we reported on Tuesday, the former Mötley Crüe drummer and his new project, Methods Of Mayhem, recently shot a video in Los Angeles for the song "Get Naked," which features both Lees and a host of other celebrities performing in the buff (see "Tommy Lee Gets Naked, Nikki Sixx Gets Arrested... Again").

One such celeb is rapper Lil' Kim, who provides a hardcore verse on the song, and Lee told MTV News' Chris Connelly that her lyrics made even him blush.

"Well, I kind of told her where the track was going, played the track for her, and then she just did her thing," Lee told Connelly. "She just did her thing, and

I was like, 'Damn, girl! What am I going to do with this? Now I gotta, like... How am I gonna pull this off?' So, we figured out conceptually through the video a really cool way to make it, so can be viewed and listened to." [RealVideo]

Lil' Kim is apparently getting rather chummy with the Lees; she will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Pamela Anderson Lee's syndicated show "V.I.P." The series will also receive a visit from the former Crüe member in the coming weeks.

-- Andréa Duncan