Lil' Kim Addresses Shyne As His Album Arrives

The much-hyped debut effort from Bad Boy rapper Shyne hit stores this week, but don't expect Lil' Kim to rush out and pick up a copy.

The risqué rapper, who has nothing but love for her business associate and longtime friend Sean "Puffy" Combs, is not fond of the latest star to emerge from Puffy's Bad Boy Records, as she told MTV Radio.

"We definitely have no dealings with Shyne," Kim said of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique's relationship with the up-and-coming rapper. Kim recalled that she looked out for him early on and gave him tips about the business, but now she feels "he's bad energy, he's negative energy, and he's just nothing I want to be a part of." [RealAudio] She went on to say that she doesn't understand why Puffy deals with the artist.

Puffy's reasons for taking Shyne under his wing may become clear when Shyne's sales figures start to trickle in next

week. The rapper will promote the album with a video for "That's Gangsta," which he shot in Brooklyn last weekend (see "Shyne Looks To Streets For Debut Album").

The arrival of Shyne's self-titled debut comes after months of headlines for the controversial rapper. Shyne's public introduction came late last year when cops grabbed him (as well as Bad Boy chief Combs) after a shooting at a New York nightclub. Shyne still faces charges of attempted murder in the case.