Lil' Kim Goes Plastic In New Video

Taking a cue from 'NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me" clip, Lil' Kim transforms herself into a living doll for her new video.

Of course, the sugar-sweet pop outfit and the raunchy rapper take very different paths through the toy store.

"This is where I get to get freaky," Kim told MTV News on the set of the video. The rapper teamed up with director Francis Lawrence (who helmed Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for Tonight") in Sylmar, California, earlier this month to shoot a clip for "How Many Licks?," the latest single from her "The Notorious K.I.M." album.

Lawrence helped to create three different pocket-size versions of Kim for the clip. "That's something the whole world has been waiting for," Kim said of her plastic likeness. "The first setup has an outfit made out of lollipops. They have me on this catwalk, and I'm walking down the runway, just doing it like Naomi Campbell.

"Then there's pin-up Kim, which is like a Marilyn Monroe/Betty Boop kind of thing," the rapper said. Of course, Monroe never stepped in front of the camera draped in nothing but gold chains and matching pasties, as the rapper does when stepping into pin-up mode.

"The last scenario is the 'Knight Rider' scene," she continued, "in which Lil' Kim, the clubber doll, is in an outfit made of liquid latex. How cool is that?"

The doll personas give Kim a handful of fresh, new ways to wear a whole lot of nothing as she leaves even less to the imagination than usual.

However, while Kim gives fans plenty to feast their eyes on in the new clip, viewers won't see Sisqo anywhere in the video, even though the R&B star sings the song's hook.

"Unfortunately, we weren't able to get Sisqo

in the video, but it's OK," Kim said. "I'm a superstar, and this is going to be very, very huge." [RealVideo]

You'll soon be able to see if Kim delivers on that promise as the video for "How Many Licks?" debuts this week.