Len Takes On "Kids In America" For "Digimon"

The "Steal My Sunshine" hitmakers of Len are hoping to return to U.S. charts with a cover of the 1981 Kim Wilde hit "Kids In America," which will be the lead song off the upcoming soundtrack to "Digimon: The Movie."

Len's management told MTV News that the group is currently in an L.A. studio recording the track for the big-screen version of the "Digimon" animated series, which is due in theaters on October 6. The track should surface sometime in September.

Len's first international hit, "Steal My Sunshine," originated on the "Go" soundtrack, which led to the band's deal with The WORK Group and the release of the album "You Can't Stop The Bum Rush" in the U.S. last year. The group hopes the upcoming soundtrack release will bring the same fortune, as the band's deal fell apart last month in the wake of The WORK Group being folded into Sony.

Meanwhile, promoters for the Calgary Stampede got more heat than they bargained for earlier this month when they

booked Len for an open-air performance on the fairgrounds. The hybrid hip-hop act, told that they'd be fined $500 for every obscenity uttered, cheerfully let loose with a steady stream of expletives, causing many parents to flee the area with their children in tow. Stampede officials subsequently cut the show short.

According to Len's management, the group was being well paid for its efforts and could afford to lose a few dollars. (The fines apparently maxed out at $2,000.) The attention paid off, with reviews of the show pointing out that Len has gotten over any previous performance anxieties to turn out a strong show.

Once the recording wraps on "Kids," the band, which was formed in Toronto, intends to reconvene at its own Vancouver recording studio to work on a new album, which management reports is now 40% done. The group expects to have it wrapped up by Christmas and released next spring.

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