Ben Lee, Supersuckers, Other "Emerging Artists" Tapped For Woodstock

They may not officially be part of the Woodstock '99 line-up, but Ben Lee, the Gigolo Aunts, the Supersuckers and slew of other "emerging artists" will be rocking Rome, New York nonetheless.

The artists will appear at the three-day Woodstock '99 event next weekend as part of what organizers are billing the Emerging Artists' Stage. Organizers teamed with in putting the stage together, and have also tapped Pushmonkey, 2 Skinee J's, Big Sugar, Muse, Indigenous, Beth Hart Band, Push Stars, Mike Ericco, Liars Inc., Chris Perez Band, Sherri Jackson, Serial Joe, Full Devil Jacket, Moe Loughran, Young and Fabulous, Kirsti Gholson, Erin Evermore, F.o.N., Gargantua Soul, King Konga, Supersuckers, Sticky Pistil, Stepmothers, Will Hoge, Cindy Alexander and others.

While the Emerging Artists' Stage could give some of these acts the chance of a lifetime, they will of course have to woo fan attention away from Woodstock '99's larger stages where the likes of Rage Against The Machine,

Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Jewel, DMX, and close to 50 others will be performing.

Tickets for Woodstock '99 are still available through, and will also be sold at locations near the concert site the weekend of the show (July 23-25).

Those who can't make it to Rome, New York for the show can catch 60 straight hours of live pay-per-view coverage of the show. Fans can also catch MTV News reports from Woodstock '99 throughout the weekend.