Page And Plant Get Free On New Record

Working with producer Steve Albini isn't always the easiest thing to do, as the Pixies, Nirvana and Bush have discovered in the past. But as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant found out while working with Albini on their new record, "Walking Into Clarksdale," sometimes the most direct approach to rock & roll is the best.

The Led Zeppelin legends recently sat down with MTV News to discuss "Clarksdale" and how they approached the more technological aspects of recording an album in the age of electronica.

"It's supposed to have only taken five days," Plant said, "but we forgot to show up a couple of times. The technology aspect of it doesn't count anymore. I think really we want to get something that is live and quite free and energetic onto tape just as quickly as we can [800k QuickTime]. I spent years with my solo career chasing technology, and there's no point really. You just transfer sound from a room mic to tape and then you

can feel it when you play the record -- oops! -- CD."

As we previously reported (see "Page And Plant Set Tour Dates"), Page and Plant will head out in support of their new album in May, with rockin' violin virtuoso Lili Haydn opening.