Will Smith On Trading Acting Tips With L.L. Cool J

Will Smith's new film, "Enemy of the State," raked in over $20 million in grosses in the first week in release for the high-tech, high-stakes extravaganza from "Armageddon" producer Jerry Bruckheimer and "Crimson Tide" director Tony Scott.

In "State," Smith portrays a Washington lawyer in the wrong place at the wrong time, whose life is destroyed by cyberhackers and surveillance teams. Since making his big screen debut in 1992's "Where the Day Takes You," Smith has been one of the few rappers that has been able to successfully work in both hip-hop and film, and in a recent interview with MTV's Chris Connelly, he talked about a bit of acting advice he shared with rapper L.L. Cool J.

"L.L. and I have been talking a lot," Smith said, "and I keep saying, 'Be James Todd Smith in the movies, don't be L.L. Cool J in the movies.' Just a complete separate persona. He's kinda, he's kinda inching there. He doesn't want to give up the credibility with the music, cause the music is the

first love. But I keep saying, just be a completely different person [in those roles]."

In related news, Smith is apparently being eyed for a remake of "A Star is Born," which would mark the third time that the 1937 film has been updated for contemporary audiences, according to "Variety."

The original version starred Frederic March as an aging star who discovers an up-and-coming female star, played by Janet Gaynor. The 1976 version starred Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand in the respective roles, although producers are planning to switch the genders of the characters -- giving it an ever so slight nod to Billy Wilder's 1950 classic "Sunset Blvd." -- and are eyeing Smith in the part of the young actor on the rise.

The "Star" remake may be the next film for Smith, who is also considering a part in a Muhammad Ali biopic, "Anything for Love" with Whitney Houston, and another movie which he is also producing, "The Mark."