L.L. Cool J Readies New Album Amid Film Projects

L.L. Cool J is still hard at work advancing his film career, but fans shouldn't worry that L.L. has abandoned his life as a rapper.

According to his record label, Def Jam Records, L.L. has already begun work on a new album, putting to rest speculation about his retirement from hip-hop. Def Jam says that L.L.'s eighth album could be in stores this fall.

The rapper is also currently shooting the Oliver Stone football drama "Any Given Sunday" with Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Matthew Modine, Jamie Foxx, and Elizabeth Berkley. Soon you'll be able to catch L.L. in "Deep Blue Sea" with Samuel L. Jackson and "In Too Deep" with Omar Epps, two films that the rapper-turned-actor has already finished shooting.