Kurupt Taps Lisa Lopes, Warren G For Film

In addition to dropping his first album in three years in October, Kurupt is also planning to go the route of Master P, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z in filming his own movie.

The rapper, who with Daz Dillinger formed the Dogg Pound during Death Row's heyday, has already lined up Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Warren G, and Frank DiLeo ("GoodFellas," "Wayne's World") for the film, which he hopes to start shooting in October.

"It's about a man who lost his family in the beginning of the film," Kurupt told MTV News this week. "The movie starts with how his family got killed and it goes on to '99 and he takes over the family business. He's out to get the people that murdered his family and he finds out that the person who murdered his family is the head of the organization that he's with, from the top, because he takes over the family business and it was the boss of that family business that was over his father that

murdered his father, so he's out to get him." [28.8 RealVideo]

Kurupt says that the film will become more than a revenge flick with the arrival of Lopez, who plays Sheila, a woman hired by Frank DiLeo's crime boss to sniff out Kurupt's R.J. and uncover his plans for vengeance.

"So he sicks Lisa on me, and I like Lisa form the top," Kurupt said. "I'm stuck on her. All my friends is letting me know, and all my business people, 'You in this business, you can't have no friends and no family. You already know that R.J.' They pitting it to me. I'm like, 'Man, I'm running this." The first thing they kick to me is, 'Look at your parents,' and I'm like stuck."

Those issues, and many more, will be resolved when Kurupt shoots the film this fall in Philadelphia. The film is being produced by his ANTRA Films, an extension of his ANTRA Records, and he hopes to find a distributor willing to take it to big screens across the U.S.