Kurupt Is "Calling Out" DMX

Just when we all thought that East and West Coast rap factions had made their peace, along comes rapper Kurupt of the left coast's Dogg Pound with his second solo album, "Streetz."

The LP features the track "Calling Out Names," in which the rapper tears into New York's DMX for allegedly putting the moves on Kurupt's ex-fiancée, Foxy Brown.

Why bring this sort of brawl onto a record? Here's Kurupt's explanation.

"My specialty is battle rap," Kurupt told MTV News. "My specialty is raw on the mic. I eat, live, sh** chewing up MCs. I'm a real MC. And I'm a real man. Respect me, man. Respect the dogg." [RealVideo]

Press flacks for DMX (who's married) and for Foxy Brown had no response to "Calling Out Names." The album will be released on November 16.