Kula Shaker Singer Apologizes For Nazi Comments

May 16 [7:55 EST] -- When the English neo-psychedelic band Kula Shaker heads out on this summer's H.O.R.D.E. tour, singer Crispian Mills may find himself with some explaining to do.

Recently, the frontman has been fielding some angry questions about an interview published in England's "New Musical Express," in which he made what some readers took to be pro-Nazi remarks.

Apparently referring to the fact the swastika now associated with the architects of the Holocaust is in fact an ancient symbol that long predates the rise of Nazi leader Adolph Hitler back in the 1930s, Mills told the magazine, "I'd love to have great big flaming swastikas on stage... It symbolizes peace and illumination."

He followed this with the quip, "You can see why Hitler got support... It was probably the uniforms that swung it."

When a certain uproar ensued, Mills quickly issued an apology, insisting he was neither a Nazi nor an anti-Semite saying, "My dear grandmother was Jewish,

and I am thus Jewish by blood."

Ironically, Kula Shaker is scheduled to play a concert this weekend in Nuremberg, Germany.