Kula Shaker Discusses Nazi Comments

Finally, as you may remember, last week we reported a classic media fiasco in which Crispian Mills, the singer in the U.K. neo-psychedelic band Kula Shaker, made the mistake in an interview with London's "New Musical Express" of saying nice things about swastikas -- an ancient symbol that is today associated almost exclusively with rampaging Nazis and the Holocaust. The ensuing uproar forced Mills to point out that his own beloved grandmother was, in fact, Jewish, and so...Well, you get the picture. John Norris encountered Mills and his band last weekend, opening up for Aerosmith in... Nuremberg, alas. Mills said his enthusiasm for the pre-Nazi uses of the swastika was prompted by a visit to India. He had this to say about what he'd learned from this major media misadventure.

CRISPIAN MILLS: You gotta be sensitive to other peoples pain, and that's what I didn't quite understand. But I apologized to those people. The thing is sometimes it's very difficult to speak the truth,

because the truth is often... What did Oscar Wilde say? The truth is often strange and rarely simple. So yeah, the swastika is a strange and complicated story.

I think we've all learned something there. Crispian Mills and Kula Shaker will be here in July to hook up with the H.O.R.D.E. tour.