Kula Shaker Splits As Frontman Plans Solo Career

Apparently having one of the Beatles as a supporter wasn't enough for Kula Shaker, as the highly-touted, Sanskrit-flaunting U.K. band has split up.

Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills, the son of actress Hayley Mills, has announced plans to pursue a solo career less than three months after the band's second album, "Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts," was released in the States.

Reports of the split were picked up by several British press outlets, including the BBC and NME, and were confirmed by a terse statement posted on the band's official Web site.

American press representatives for Kula Shaker were apparently caught off guard by the sudden breakup and had yet to issue a formal press release about the group's demise by press time.

Kula Shaker formed in North London in 1995 out of the remnants of another group, the Kays, and released its psychedelic-tinged first album, "K," a year later. The album spawned several alternative radio hits, including "Tattva" and "Hey


In 1997, the Beatles' George Harrison allowed one of his solo songs to be reworked by Mills into the new track "Gokula," which was featured on Kula Shaker's "Summer Sun" EP.

The band made its last public appearance in late August at the V99 festival in the U.K., as Kula Shaker stepped in as a last-minute replacement for Placebo, which dropped out of the gigs when lead singer Brian Molko fell ill.