KoRn Off Lolla Due To Guitarist's Illness

One of our favorite new bands, KoRn, announced this week that it was dropping out of the current Lollapalooza tour because guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer has been diagnosed as having Viral Meningitis, a serious, but treatable affliction. Ironically, and sadly, one of the last things that KoRn did on Lollapalooza '97 was to accept a Hi-8 video camera from us and shoot their own little backstage piece on the daily road madness.

CARE BEAR, Tour Guru: What's this? MTV? Hi MTV!

DAVID, Drums: See, what this is? It's a KoRn Lollapalooza journal. What we're gonna do is take you through a little tour of Lollapalooza from what we see.

JONATHAN, Vocals: It's a cool vibe, it's just one big party. We've got to get some shots of those James boys, though.

OFF-CAMERA VOICE: We're on our way to meet James now.

SAUL DAVIES, James: ...And here I am signing my own album, that's pathetic.

JONATHAN: They're [the members of James] crazy.

DAVID: Yeah. Every night we walk by their dressing room, and they've got music cranking and some dance party going on in their room. [776k QuickTime]

JONATHAN: We have barbecues with Snoopy.

DAVID: Yeah. All of us and the Snoop crew. We've actually gotten to be pretty good friends with most of those guys.

Okay, Randall's Island in NY. Very old venue; and the front area, the pit area is all dirt. When we went on it just became one huge dust cloud.

JONATHAN: I was coughing and just blowing out big brown loogies of dirt.

DAVID: It was bad onstage, but these kids are in the crowd and in the middle of it, but they don't care, they're just going for it.

JONATHAN: It was insane, and it's kind of a rush being up there on stage and seeing it happen.

(Fans pumping fists in the air and chanting "KORN"!)

DAVID: There are definitely lots of kids there to see KoRn and Tool, probably more so than any act.


1: You guys were the only reason to come this year besides Tool.

DAVID: We're in Cleveland, Ohio, backstage in this giant shed. We're gonna take the camera out into the crowd and see what kind of trouble we can get into.

A few of us walked out and 15, 20 kids walked up and once they realized we were cool and we were shaking their hands, about 1000 kids just rushed from the crowd and surrounded us and smashed us. We were just mobbed. I was actually scared for a couple minutes and security pulled us out. But that was a pretty good feeling, just to see these crazy kids think that our dumb asses were cool enough to do that to. [1.5 MB QuickTime]

FAN 2: You guys rock my f*ckin' world, man!