Korn Previews New Tracks Online

Korn has added a new wing to its online compound, and is using it to house new songs from their upcoming third album.

The band's website (at www.korntv.com) currently features snippets of "Freak On A Leash" and the decidedly hip-hop flavored "All In The Family," which features the lyrical stylings of Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. Both tracks are bound for "Follow The Leader," the band's follow up to "Life Is Peachy," which is due on August 18.

The band is also offering users a taste of four different "All In The Family" remixes, including the Clark World Mix, Sowing the Beats Mix, Beats in Peace Mix, and the Scary Bird Mix, all in streaming RealAudio.

The sneak preview comes in the wake of the band's landmark live Korn-TV broadcasts in which they gave fans and curious users a weekly peek at their progress in the studio through a DIY talk show with a distinctively Korn flavor. The show's first season ended in April,

but each episode is still available on the group's site, allowing the band's meetings with Cheech Marin, Steve Vai, Ron Jeremy, and many others to live on.

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