Baby Korn Forces Band Off Ozzfest

Proving that Family Values is more than just a tour, Korn has bowed out of its appearance on this summer's one European Ozzfest date in anticipation of the arrival of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's new baby.

The band was scheduled to join Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Pantera and Slayer outside of London on June 20 for Ozzfest's only European show, but has pulled out citing the fact that Welch and his wife Rebekkah are expecting their first child around that date. The band also balked at the idea of bringing on a replacement musician, a stand the band took when guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer came down with viral meningitis during Korn's run on last summer's Lollapalooza tour (see "Illness Forces Korn Off Lollapalooza").

The band hopes to make it to the U.K. with its Family Values tour later this summer.