Korn Kicks Off Kampaign '98 In Los Angeles

Korn is staying faithful to its grassroots origins this week with its Korn Kampaign '98 tour, which kicks off Monday at Tower Records in Los Angeles.

The flesh-pressing campaign begins one day before the band's anticipated "Follow The Leader" album arrives in stores on Tuesday, and will feature the band performing in "fan conferences" at record stores across the land. Korn has, of course, shown its fan-friendly colors in many ways from answering e-mail to premiering new tracks on its Korn-TV website.

Fans who have been given a taste of the ferocious, melodic stomp of "Follow The Leader" know that the band is as intense as ever, but that frontman Jonathan Davis has toned things down a bit vocally this time around.

"There came a point in my life where, what else can I scream about and still keep my integrity because there's only so much I can scream about," Davis told MTV News when the band was in the studio in March.

"I mean, I've done two records and have

gotten a lot of demons out I can say, but I'm still screaming a little bit. I mean, there's still intensity there. It's basically my emotion and there's still things I'm emotional about, but I got to move on. I'm getting older, man. I want to still remain real, but there's still a lot of emotion going on."

Korn will take that emotion to the Mad Platter record store in Riverside, California on Tuesday, when MTV News' John Norris will begin filing his daily reports from the Kampaign trail.

The Kampaign winds down on September 1, three weeks before Korn launches its first-ever Family Values tour. As we previously reported (see "Korn Lines Up Family Values Itinerary") the tour, which also features Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, and Orgy, has lined up its first two weeks worth of dates. Here's where they will play:

  • 9/22 - Rochester, NY @ The Blue Cross Arena
  • 9/23 - Boston, MA @ Centrum
  • 9/25 - E.

    Rutherford, NJ @ Continental Airlines Arena

  • 9/26 - Philadelphia, PA @ CoreStates Spectrum
  • 9/27 - Cleveland, OH @ CSU Pavilion
  • 9/29 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Civic Center
  • 9/30 - Detroit, MI @ The Palace
  • 10/2 - Milwaukee, WI @ Mecca Arena
  • 10/3 - Chicago, IL @ Rosemont
  • 10/4 - Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center