Family Values Features Both Tricks And Treats In Tour Finale

Korn brought its Family Values festival to a raucous close on Halloween night in Fairfax, Virginia, as Rammstein got booted, Limp Bizkit channeled the King and Korn got in touch with its inner, metal-lovin' child.

The evening got off to an auspicious start when German industrial metal outfit Rammstein got kicked off the stage for being underdressed. According to the general manager of the Patriot Center in Fairfax, the lead singer was adorned in a large black phallus, the keyboardist wore only diapers, while the rest were naked aside from some strategically placed duct tape.

Rammstein was shut down after 10 minutes onstage, although they were expected to perform a 50-minute set, leaving the tour DJ to fill a 55-minute void until Korn came on board.

A spokesperson for the group says that Rammstein "was unaware that they were supposed to put on more clothes, instead of shedding them on Halloween. It is a cultural difference." The act, known for their use of fire and explosives,

was also planning to blow-up some pumpkins on stage in honor of the holiday, though that never happened due to the brevity of the performance.

The first three acts on the bill, Orgy, Incubus, and Limp Bizkit, all played their shows as scheduled before Rammstein's abrupt dismissal. The members of Limp Bizkit chose to honor the King, and dressed up as Elvis Presley at various stages in Presley's career. Roadies kept bringing towels to the band, who jokingly went on rampages and fired people from the stage.

As for the headliners themselves, Korn dressed up like a vintage '80s metal-hair band, complete with leather and spandex. They opened with a cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," and then played a few other '80s songs, including Scorpion's "Rock You Like a Hurricane" while windmilling. Korn remained "in character" for the entire time the band was onstage, even when playing their own material.

Korn has just started its own fall tour with Orgy and Incubus, and

is set to play the University of Montreal in Quebec on Tuesday evening.