1998 Scrapbook: Korn Harvests Breakthrough Album, Ripens Into Rock Leaders

As the title of the band's sophomore album predicted, life really has been peachy for thrash rockers Korn in 1998.

The group's inaugural edition of its Family Values Tour generated the audiences, the attention and the bible-thumping wrath that most bands -- unless they're Marilyn Manson -- can only dream of, and Korn recently announced that it would be resurrecting the festival in 1999.

This year the band also released its biggest-selling album yet, as "Follow the Leader" debuted at number one on Billboard's Album charts in its first week, and spawned such hits as the industrial strength groove of "Got the Life."

Back in March, MTV News sat down with Korn, who at the time had just finished work on "Follow the Leader," and found lead singer Jonathan Davis and the rest of the band to be in an unusually calm and reflective state of mind... [RealVideo]