Outkast Serves Up Korn For Remix

There has been an increasing number of crossovers between hip-hop and rock artists these days, with one of the most recent collaborative examples being Ice Cube's new single, "F*** Dyin'," featuring Korn.

Korn's affinity for hip-hop extends beyond more than just Cube, as its next hybrid project will be alongside the Atlanta rap duo of Outkast. Representatives from both Outkast and Korn have confirmed that the two groups are scheduled to huddle in a studio in the next few weeks to work on a remix of the rap duo's song "Chonkyfire."

In an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Outkast talked about how and why they came to work with a heavy rocking' band such as Korn.

"I like how they mend the hip-hop and rock thing," said Andre of Outkast, "that's real cool 'cause it's the way I grew up. I grew up [being reared] on hip-hop and rock at the same time, so you know I'm feelin' that."

Outkast is hoping to cut the riff heavy remix with Korn prior to the launch

of the rap outfit's opening stint on Lauryn Hill's North American tour on February 18.